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Playing Travel Soccer, the Top 5 Benefits.

1. Improving Skills   Is your child a serious soccer player, who is passionate about the sport? It is no secret that soccer is far more popular and widespread in foreign countries than it is in the U.S. One [ … ] Read More

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Top Soccer Tour Destinations: Why Choose France?

Back in 1848, the first official rules of soccer were formed at Cambridge University in England. Since then, this well-loved sport has spread to countless countries and cities and has provided entertainment for millions throughout the world with every [ … ] Read More

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International Soccer Tours & Travelling for your Sport

Did you know that traveling for sports, also known as sports tourism, is quickly becoming one of the leading segments in the tourism industry? While many people travel across the globe to watch sporting events and cheer on their [ … ] Read More

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A Nutrition Checklist For Your Next Soccer Tournament

Traveling to a soccer tournament can be a very exciting opportunity for your young player. Every year, about 25 million kids around the world play soccer and for many of those children, soccer becomes more than an after-school activity. [ … ] Read More

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3 Semi-Offbeat Tips For Keeping Your Soccer Game Sharp

You’re here because you love soccer. So are we. Just when you thought you could escape to your coach, you showed up here and you’re about to get coached. Relax, we wouldn’t assign sprints via blog post, so you’re [ … ] Read More

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3 Memorable Things to Do on Your High School Senior Trip

Your high school senior trip should be memorable, a time of fun with fellow classmates before everyone heads off to college. Too often senior trips get overlooked, and the class ends up going to a nearby town where everyone [ … ] Read More

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Athlete Highlight: Lionel Messi, FC Barcelona

The traditional soccer ball has 32 panels representing every European country. For good reason, too, the sport is incredibly popular across the continent (and beyond). Soccer tours to Spain are among the most popular because of the international soccer [ … ] Read More

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Deutschland Bound? German Soccer Traditions To Know

Germany’s wildly successful soccer record in recent years may be motivating you to take an international soccer vacation. But before you set off to this culturally rich country, there are some traditions you should know. By sticking with these [ … ] Read More

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UK Elite Soccer Partners with People to People International

U.K. Elite Soccer is excited to announce an innovative new partnership with People to People International, a longtime leader in educational and cultural student travel. Founded by U.S. President Eisenhower, People to People International was established more than 60 [ … ] Read More

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5 Reasons to Experience The Premier League

For soccer fans everywhere, the month of August sees the anticipation of a new European season build in intensity to a crescendo of opening match days. The pre-season tours come to an end, the speculation about new signings is [ … ] Read More

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Kicking It In The UK? ‘Football’ Terms To Know

Traveling to the United Kingdom to catch a soccer game is perhaps a right of passage for every true “football” fan. England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland are home to some of the most enthusiastic fans in the world, [ … ] Read More

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International Travel: A Game Changer for Young Athletes

Vivid, fond memories flood my thoughts when I think back to my years of youth soccer, but there’s the international trip I was lucky enough to take to Holland and then everything else. Nothing quite compares to the experience [ … ] Read More

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Hala Madrid: 10 Facts About Cristiano Ronaldo

Love him or hate him, Cristiano Ronaldo is Spain’s crown jewel. Leading Real Madrid to victory and scoring seemingly countless goals, he has taken over Soccer in Spain as we know it. While Messi fans may disagree, Ronaldo is [ … ] Read More

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What To Know About The International Champions Cup

Hosting some of the more prestigious teams in the International Champions Cup runs from July 19-30th in various regions of the United States. If you are a soccer fanatic, use this guide to get clued in on one of the biggest [ … ] Read More

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A Fan’s Guide To European Soccer Etiquette

Heading to Europe with your team, friends, and family to watch a soccer game? Soccer, or football, is a European staple, drawing millions of fans to stadiums, televisions, and sports pups every season. Whether you are catching a stop [ … ] Read More

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Travel the World While Playing Soccer With Soccer Tours

All around the world, about 25 million kids play soccer (more commonly known as “football” outside the United States) every year. If your child plays soccer, looking into soccer tours and tournaments can be a great way to let [ … ] Read More

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Expand Your Horizons With An International Soccer Tour

If you really love a sport, there’s a high chance you’ll travel for it too. And what a fun excuse to travel! If you’re a soccer fan, heading to places like England, Spain, Brazil, and other soccer-obsessed places is [ … ] Read More

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International Soccer Gaining Popularity in United States

Globally, soccer has been the most popular sport for decades. People all over the world love soccer, and that passion has been growing in the United States. The World Cup, which comes around every four years, began in 1930 [ … ] Read More

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Upcoming Soccer Tours to Plan for in 2017

Traveling abroad to watch and play soccer is a unique cultural experience. Soccer is the world’s most popular sport, with 25 million children participating every year, and despite the language barriers, many understand the language of the sport. While [ … ] Read More

FC Global - The Italy Excursions!

Aside from experiencing the thrill of playing in one of Europe’s largest youth soccer tournaments, throughout your time with F.C. Global, you will be able to experience and take in some of Italy’s most famous city’s and their breathtakingly [ … ] Read More

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European Soccer Culture is Unlike No Other

While soccer’s popularity has been on a steady rise in the United States, it has always, foremost, been Europe’s game. Contemporary soccer — or football, as the Europeans call it — was first created in England with the formation [ … ] Read More

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F.C. Global - Who Are F.C. Global?

F.C. Global, in partnership with Global Team Travel, is a premier international youth soccer tour offering in the United States. For 2017, they are forming teams to play in tournaments in both Sweden and Italy. Whether you want to [ … ] Read More

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Sun Shines On The John Jay Labor Day Tournament!

LABOR Day 2016 saw the 16th resumption of the annual John Jay Futbol Club Tournament, powered by Global Team Events.     The tournament, held over two days at the beautiful Onatru Farm Park, South Salem, allowed teams from [ … ] Read More

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Five Tips to Stay Healthy at Your Next Soccer Tournament

Participating in a soccer tournament can be a fun adventure for young people and soccer fans, (and a logistical nightmare for their parents), as well as a team building exercise. Adolescents who play sports are eight times as likely [ … ] Read More

Global 5’s - National Champions

This weekend Global 5’s crowned their first ever National 5-v-5 Youth Soccer Champions on the breathtakingly beautiful Sinatra Park Soccer Fields in Hoboken, New Jersey. In total over 600 children competed in 13 different brackets, over two days, for the [ … ] Read More

Global 5’s - Gatorade G Award

The Global 5’s National Championship is going to be a spectacular event for all those involved and a huge part of this is down to our fantastic sponsors PUMA, Gatorade and SKLZ. We can now reveal that Gatorade will [ … ] Read More

Global 5’s - Norwell United Interview

Teams from up and down the East-Coast will compete this weekend in the inaugural Global 5’s National Championship, held on the banks of the Hudson River in Hoboken, New Jersey. As the opening ceremony draws nearer, we caught up [ … ] Read More

Global 5’s National Championship - Prize Package!

The Global 5’s National Championship is now just three days away and we are delighted to be able to announce to you the official prize package from our fantastic sponsors PUMA, SKLZ and Gatorade. To start, each player will [ … ] Read More

Global 5’s National Championship - Thank You Hoboken!

The inaugural Global 5’s Championship will be held this upcoming weekend in Hoboken, New Jersey. The event will see over 700 soccer players compete across two days in a spectacle of soccer on the Hudson waterfront beneath the Manhattan [ … ] Read More

All Smiles At The GTT Trophy

This weekend the Lawrenceville School played host to the 5th annual Global Team Travel Tournament. The tournament was held over two days with both boys and girls competing in 19 brackets. Over 70 teams played over 10 fields spread [ … ] Read More