FCUSA New Jersey Summer Invitational Is A Roaring Success

This weekend saw 65 teams compete for the chance to be crowned 2016 FCUSA New Jersey Summer Invitational Champions. The tournament held over two sites in Basking Ridge, New Jersey featured some of the best summer and club teams [ … ] Read More

denmark soccer tours

Play Soccer in Denmark and Learn About the City of Copenhagen

Typically, when people think of Denmark, soccer doesn’t immediately come to mind. But in reality, soccer is considered the national sport of Denmark. Called “Football,” this sport is the most commonly played and there are nearly 300,000 players in [ … ] Read More

Steel Soccer Tournaments

Soccer Tournaments: Packing Checklist For Out of Town Games

Traveling for an out-of-town soccer tournament can be an extremely exciting opportunity to bond with teammates, see new places, and hone your skills. It is especially amazing to travel with a soccer league because soccer is internationally beloved and [ … ] Read More

Soccer Tours to England

Soccer in England: From Bloody Peasants to Millionaires

It is without a doubt that soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world. Traces of soccer’s history go back to the Ancient Greeks, where they had a game called phaininda. This involved athletes hurling and catching [ … ] Read More

Soccer Touranments Packing List

3 Important Ways Kids Can Benefit From Soccer Tournaments

Known globally as football, soccer is the most popular sport in the world with more than 240 million people playing the sport regularly, according to the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). Dubbed “the beautiful game” for its graceful [ … ] Read More

3 Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in Travel Sports

Getting children involved in sports early on in their lives has innumerable benefits, but when considering teams to join, make travel teams a priority. Not only will your child receive the great benefits of exercise from participating, but they [ … ] Read More

Youth Soccer Tournaments

How to Organize Youth Soccer Tournaments

According to the Federation Internationale de Football Association, more than 240 million people around the world play soccer regularly. Globally, 25 million children play soccer or “football” every year. In addition, children see health benefits from team sports, as [ … ] Read More

Costa Rica Cup Soccer Tour 2016

What Soccer Tours to Costa Rica Can Offer Young Athletes

There are numerous reasons to foster a love for athletics among young adults, whether or not they go on to play sports at a higher level. It encourages an active lifestyle, something that’s vitally important given that currently only [ … ] Read More

Sweden Gothia Cup Soccer Tour

The Gothia Cup: Play Soccer in Sweden

Soccer is one of the most beloved sports in the world. It is, after all, played by 240 million people according to FIFA. Regardless of the common misconception that soccer isn’t as “popular” in the United States, the universal [ … ] Read More

spain soccer tours

Spanish Soccer Tours: Spend 7 Nights in Barcelona

Every year, it’s estimated that 25 million children play soccer around the globe. Though soccer may not be as popular in the United States as it is everywhere else, it is still played and enjoyed by children throughout the [ … ] Read More

San Marino Cup, Italy soccer tour

Soccer in San Marino: Soccer Tours to Europe

Soccer is a sport beloved around the world, especially in Europe. In Italy, for example, soccer is the most popular sport, with more than four million of its citizens playing regularly. The country’s FIFA soccer team is formidable. Italy [ … ] Read More

Scarsdale Memorial Tournament 2015 - Smiles and Sunshine

The sun blessed Global Team Events this weekend as they hosted the 15th annual Scarsdale Memorial Day Tournament in association with UK Elite Soccer and Scarsdale Youth Soccer Club, New York. The event held over two days at the [ … ] Read More

International Soccer Tours

Get the Best of Both Worlds With International Soccer Tours

In terms of players, soccer is one of the most popular and universal sports in the world. More than 240 million people play it regularly, according to the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). That includes 25 million children. [ … ] Read More

Soccer Tours for Kids and Teens

Young Americans Have A Lot To Gain From International Travel

Experiencing other cultures first-hand is a valuable experience for any child — and a growing amount of research suggests that the sooner children have these experiences, the better. What is the case for international travel with children and teens? [ … ] Read More

Iber cup Portugal soccer tours

World Youth Soccer Tournaments: Explore the World… of Soccer

If there is one thing about the United States that everyone can agree on, it’s that America loves sports. Professional sports leagues like the National Basketball Association and the National Football League make up a billion-dollar industry with a [ … ] Read More

Soccer Tour Packages to England

Soccer Tour Packages: Travel to England for Soccer!

Sports, Marge Simpsons once said, is a very small part of life. well, not in America it isn’t. Americans love their sports from an early age. In 2013, for example, an estimated 7.7 million high school kids played at [ … ] Read More

Soccer Tours: Jump on the Bandwagon Like the Rest of the World

Soccer is one of the world’s most popular sports, with millions (if not billions) of fans all across the world, in every country, and every continent (except, perhaps, Antarctica). People of all races, nationalities, religions, sexes, and creeds come [ … ] Read More

Womens World Cup Travel Packages

Women’s World Cup Canada 2015

Global Team Travel is excited to offer packages to Montréal, Canada for the FIFA Woman’s World Cup 2015.  For the first time, we will see 24 nations participate from over 125 countries who competed in qualifying tournaments in North and South [ … ] Read More

Day 6 - High 5 All around

Sunday, July 27   As America sat down to eat its evening meal on Sunday a small contingent of its very own were waking ready to the next step in the Beijing Cup Competition. The NJ ALLSTARS being the [ … ] Read More

Day 2 - ALLSTARS fall to Shanghai in Game 1!

Wednesday, July 23     Today saw the official opening of the tournament with all teams gathering at the RDFV Training Facility to be welcomed by dignitaries from the organizing committee and from High School affiliations across Asia. Our [ … ] Read More

The Beijing Cup - Day One…..Acclimatize

Tuesday, July 22   We have been taken very good care of so far here in Beijing. For the coaching staff and referee today has consisted of meetings with various members of the administrative board to gain a further [ … ] Read More

NJ ALLSTARS arrive in Beijing.

Good Evening to all at home in the US,   The NJ AllStars arrived in Beijing last night after a long day of travel. Both parent and player groups were met at the airport by their respective guides and [ … ] Read More

NJ AllStars are ready for the Beijing Cup 2014!

The NJ AllStars had their final practice last night at The Delbarton School, led by Coach Donovan. It was a great final preparation for the team focusing on team warm up routine, some functional positional play and set pieces. [ … ] Read More

FCNJ Summer Invitational 2014

This past weekend, 80+ teams from around the region competed in our 1st annual FCNJ Summer Invitational at The Pingry School in New Jersey.  Games were played over the course of the weekend, with two spectacular days of sunny and [ … ] Read More

2014 Bloomsburg University Girls College Showcase

This past weekend, 40+ teams from around the region competed in our 3rd annual Bloomsburg University Girls College Showcase at Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania.  Games were played on both Saturday and Sunday, with the sun shining and the competition [ … ] Read More

14th Annual Scarsdale Memorial Day Tournament 2014

Over Memorial Day weekend,  200+ teams from surrounding states joined us in Scarsdale NY for a great two days of soccer. Games took place at both the Quaker Ridge Middle School & SUNY Purchase college with competition levels being [ … ] Read More

2014 Bloomsburg University Boys College Showcase

48 teams from PA, NJ, MD and from as far away as Canada  came to the beautiful Bloomsburg University Campus to compete in the 10th Annual Bloomsburg University Boys College Showcase  over the weekend of May 17 - 18. [ … ] Read More

Baltimore Spring Classic 2014

40 teams from MD and surrounding states came to Howard County, MD to compete in the first Annual Baltimore Spring Classic over the weekend of March 15 - 16, 2014. Despite last minute location changes due to the weather, [ … ] Read More

Professional Referee Organization Pre-Season Camp 2014

This past weekend Global Team Events were proud to assist PRO in the execution of their annual Pre-Season Camp at the beautiful Mission Inn Resort in Orlando, Florida. PRO are responsible for administering professional referee programs in North America [ … ] Read More

New tournaments added to International tour options!

Global Team Travel are very excited to announce the addition of three top quality tournaments to our international showcase portfolio. The Mytikas Cup in Greece, and the Dublin and Galway Cup’s in Ireland. All three tournaments offer your team [ … ] Read More

england soccer tour

EPL Fan Trip Announced

Global Team Travel & Global Team Events are pleased to announce a NEW Fan Tour available Dec 5-9th 2013. Join us as we indulge in the world renowned soccer atmosphere of the English Premier League. Stay in London for [ … ] Read More

Haverford Hurricanes 2013 Tour Report Spain

August 7, 2013 – 4:07 pm Not even a three hour delay on the runway at Philadelphia airport could dampen the spirits and excitement of this set of 13 girls and their parents, and we arrived in Barcelona full [ … ] Read More