3 Important Life Skills Your Child Will Learn in Traveling Sports

From muscle development to improved coordination, signing your child up for youth soccer or swimming lessons is a great way to help them grow strong. The physical benefits of sports activity last into adulthood, too- adolescents who play sports are eight times as likely to still be active at age 24 than those who never join a sport. Traveling sports teams like international soccer tours take the health benefits of athletics to the next level. High expectations for young athletes leads to greater sports knowledge and physical performance.

But what about the benefits of traveling sports beyond physical health? Here are a few to remember the next time your child is reluctant to lace up.


One huge advantage of a child’s participation in traveling sports is the development of their self-confidence. Many parents say that their children’s sports team gives them a community where they feel accepted. Trying something new, like a certain technique or position on a sports field, is a great way for kids to test their own limits. Successes give them the confidence to try new challenges.

If your child participates in an international traveling sports team, their confidence boost can be even greater. Discovering how to navigate airports and foreign streets are all great life skills, and a child that comes back from a trip overseas will be confident in their ability to travel again in the future.


Working with others to achieve a mutual goal is something even adults struggle within the workplace. Even though teammate drama may frustrate your child from time to time, gently remind them that working with others is a part of life. When young athletes attain a common goal, they may actually discover how rewarding sharing a purpose with cohorts can be.

Traveling sports teams take teamwork to a whole new level. International soccer tours and other programs teach kids how to navigate an unfamiliar place together. Kids learn how to look out for one another both on the field and in a real-world context.


While we try to teach our children to be passionate and to never give up, international traveling sports teams can help kids learn how to handle defeat. In the moment, it can be hard for children to remember that a game is just a game. Traveling to new places might remind them that, even though they may have lost this match, they got to see a new part of the world and play soccer against kids just like them from all over the world. Establishing the importance of kindness and mutual respect by training and competing with players and mentors from other cultures is a great way to raise a worldly and humble athlete.

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