International Soccer Tours & Travelling for your Sport

Did you know that traveling for sports, also known as sports tourism, is quickly becoming one of the leading segments in the tourism industry? While many people travel across the globe to watch sporting events and cheer on their favorite teams, more and more people are participating in the game themselves.

International soccer games are becoming a huge draw for Americans who want to experience other cultures at a young age. If you’re thinking about enrolling your child in European soccer tours, here are some of the benefits they may experience when they play soccer in Spain, England, and more!

They experience other cultures

One of the primary benefits of sports travel is engaging with a variety of different cultures. In a single European soccer tour, you might experience more than five different languages as you travel through France, Spain, Italy, England, Germany, and Sweden.

This exposure to other cultures is a great way to improve your child’s empathy and get them interested in what lies beyond their front door. You might even awaken a budding globetrotter in your young soccer enthusiast.

It’s relaxing

For parents and young athletes alike, many look at sports tourism is a type of vacation. Of course, a lot of hard work is necessary when you get onto the field, but if you love soccer, this will seem like a fun challenge. When you’re not planning a soccer event, you can take in the beautiful views and historic landmarks throughout Europe.

They engage with history

No soccer tour is complete without a history lesson. America is a surprisingly young country compared to that of European nations. In fact, Italy’s national soccer association, FIGC, was formed back in 1898. This is a great opportunity for your child to learn about the history of soccer. They can even track how it became such a huge sport in America.

They meet countless people

World soccer tours mean that your child will interact with countless people on their journey. Between the teammates they meet in their European soccer tours to the locals with whom they will interact, your young athlete will make friends across the globe.

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