5 Reasons To Join A F.C. Global International Soccer Tour.

So far we have had hundreds of people pre-register for our FC Global International Soccer Tour to both Italy (San Marino Cup) and Sweden (Gothia Cup) If you are still not convinced then here are five reasons why travelling with F.C. Global and participating in either of Europe’s largest youth soccer tournaments is the right thing for you and your family.


Create Lasting Memories – As a player or family member on an F.C. Global soccer tour, we promise you will receive an experience that you will never forget. Our expert guides and professionally ran excursions, ran alongside your soccer training, will ensure you experience everything your destination has to offer, and much more.



Unrivalled Team Bonding – Our F.C. Global soccer tour teams develop a bond and understanding that would rival even the most established teams. Our professionally trained coaches create an environment that ensures all F.C. Global players thrive in their team and are ready to compete against the very bestdespite being together for a short period of time.


Test Yourself Against The Best – If you are playing in either the Gothia Cup or the San Marino Cup with F.C. Global you will be up against some of the very best youth soccer teams in Europe and in some cases the World. Teams participating in the Gothia Cup will be part of the world’s largest youth soccer tournament bringing 1600 teams from 80 different nations together.



Experience European Culture - Both F.C. Global tour options this year offer players and their families a chance to experience Europe in a unique way. The F.C Global San Marino trip takes players and their families into the heart of Italy, whilst there you will explore the streets of Verona, view the sights of San Marino, relive the history of Rome and experience the culture of Milan.


Represent Your Country – Although you play under the F.C. Global banner, each time you step onto a field in either Sweden or Italy you are representing the United States. Represent the U.S at the opening ceremony of either the San Marino Cup or the Gothia Cup as a multitude of country’s wave their flags and banners in a melting pot of world soccer.

Make the most of the opportunity to pre-register for either of the tours for free today.