Global 5’s National Championship - Thank You Hoboken!

The inaugural Global 5’s Championship will be held this upcoming weekend in Hoboken, New Jersey. The event will see over 700 soccer players compete across two days in a spectacle of soccer on the Hudson waterfront beneath the Manhattan skyline.

This landmark event has been made possible by the brilliant relationship between Global Team Events, the City of Hoboken and Hoboken City Football Club.

Firstly, a huge thank you must go to Leo Pellegrini, President of Hoboken City Football Club for his work with Global Team Events in ensuring the use of Frank Sinatra Park soccer field. Leo is no stranger to Global Team Events having worked with them before to host the hugely successful Hoboken City FC Skyline Tournament back in March.

Leo, along with the Mayor of Hoboken, Dawn Zimmer, have been instrumental in allowing Global Team Events to bring the National Championships to Hoboken, New Jersey. Head of Global Team Events, Andy Roderick, is excited about the event being held in Hoboken.

“To be able to host the National Championships of Global 5’s in Hoboken is really exciting for everyone involved. This is a World Class event and we are hosting it on the best soccer field in the world! For the players to be able to play beneath the Manhattan skyline is a once in a lifetime experience.”

“Leo and everyone within the City have been fantastic in ensuring we could host the National Championship here. It is our hope that we can keep this National Championship in Hoboken for years to come.” Roderick said.

It is not just the facility itself that makes Hoboken the perfect location for the National Championships. The city of Hoboken itself offers plenty of local amenities for players and families to experience during their time at the National Championships.

“Hoboken is a fantastic city and the waterfront facility gives the tournament a unique feel. The issue with many tournaments is they are situated in quite rural areas and there isn’t much to do outside of the event itself. Hoboken is a vibrant town and offers players and their families plenty of opportunity to go out and indulge in everything the town has to offer.” Roderick added.

There will be plenty more happening in the build up to the Global 5’s National Championship this weekend. Stay tuned to the Global Team Events Facebook page for more information about this fantastic event.