International Soccer Gaining Popularity in United States

Globally, soccer has been the most popular sport for decades. People all over the world love soccer, and that passion has been growing in the United States.

The World Cup, which comes around every four years, began in 1930 and is one of the most popular, most watched, international events. The upcoming World Cup in 2018 will be played in Russia, and soccer officials are worried that the overzealous fans could stir up violence during World Cup games.

“Every fan will be required to have a fan ID to enter the stadiums, both for the Confederations Cup and for FIFA World Cup, and so we have got trust in the authorities that everything will be done,” said Colin Smith, director of competitors for global FIFA.

According to RTE, “hooliganism” has become a serious concern after Euro 2016 in France, causing soccer officials and law enforcement to step up their regulations and security. At the Euro 2016 tournament, Russian hooligan groups stirred up plenty of trouble.

Russia was disqualified and slapped with a significant fine after their fans attacked a group of England supporters before a game.

“What we can be sure of is that this will be a festival of football and there is no place in such festivals of football for those that are not here to support the sport or support the game,” Smith added.

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