3 Memorable Things to Do on Your High School Senior Trip

Your high school senior trip should be memorable, a time of fun with fellow classmates before everyone heads off to college. Too often senior trips get overlooked, and the class ends up going to a nearby town where everyone has already visited, or maybe there’s no trip at all.

Sometimes it’s a lack of interest; sometime’s it’s a lack of funding. It should never be a lack of places to go. If you’re in charge of planning a senior class trip, here are some places for you to consider.

Art Lovers

For the class that is full of artists, there are numerous places your class can go that would especially peak your interest. If you’re not looking to leave the country, the class can go to New York City. Full of art museums, performing arts centers, Broadway, Carnegie Hall, and so much more. It’s an art buff’s heaven, and even the graffiti artist in your class will like it. New York City can also be great for the students who aren’t as interested in art since there are so many other things to do and see. The shopping, the food, the entertainment, all are once in a lifetime opportunities perfect for a graduating class trip.

Soccer Fans

Is your class made up of soccer players? Do you have a really good soccer team because everyone likes to play soccer, watch soccer, and live-eat-and-breath soccer? Then an international soccer tour is perfect for your class trip. Soccer tours provide a unique cultural experience that anyone who loves soccer will appreciate. The class can plan to visit England, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Costa Rica, and even Sweden. The class can watch professional games and enjoy a unique cultural experience. There are so many things to do, each day could be completely different from the one before. One day your class could visit some of Sweden’s 45 national stadiums, while the next day everyone watches a match. A perfect trip for soccer lovers and those who want to visit other countries.

Outdoor Enthusiasts

A class full of students who love the outdoors would surely appreciate a trip to Costa Rica. Full of hiking, zip lining, horseback riding, swimming, kayaking, biking, rafting, and much more, a senior trip to Costa Rica would be perfect for those who love to explore. What better way for a class of graduating seniors to bond and form lifelong memories than by hiking through forests, zip lining through trees, and enjoying the outdoors in each other’s company? With so many things to do, and so much to explore, a trip to Costa Rica is an adventure for all types of students.

No matter where your class decides to go, it’s important that they take the opportunity to form lifelong memories while they still can. If they want to go on a soccer tour, then great. If they want to hang out in town, then that’s great too. It’s about the memories made and experiences shared (although they’d be crazy to pass up a chance to see the world).

Want to give your seniors a unique cultural experience they’ll never forget? Give us a call today to arrange soccer tours to some of the world’s most exciting destinations.