Playing Travel Soccer, the Top 5 Benefits.

1. Improving Skills


Is your child a serious soccer player, who is passionate about the sport? It is no secret that soccer is far more popular and widespread in foreign countries than it is in the U.S. One of the main benefits of travel soccer teams is that they give your child an opportunity to experience a more challenging level of play. If your child is interested in playing abroad in a program, such as playing soccer in Scotland, they will be given the opportunity to play with and against players at a very high level, and fine-tune their skills.


2. Helps Improve Time-Management Skills


If your child wants to play soccer in Scotland or elsewhere abroad, they will need to learn strong time-management skills. Balancing their soccer schedule with schoolwork will require them to learn real-life skills that they can take forward into the future. If your child is truly motivated to play soccer abroad, they will likely learn to manage their time wisely so they can do well in school and continue to play.


3. Close Friendships


Building strong relationships and bonds with peers is one of the primary reasons why youth sports is such a fantastic thing for children. If your child joins a travel soccer team, he or she will spend countless hours with the other members of the team - traveling, practicing, studying, and likely sleeping in the same accommodations. There is an opportunity in travel soccer for your child to form lifelong bonds with other members of the team.


4. A Brighter Future


Studies have shown all kinds of correlations between career success and youth sports. Did you know that adolescents who play team sports are eight times more likely to be active later in life than adolescents who do not play sports? Travel soccer takes this trend to the next level. By exposing your child to different countries and cultures when they play soccer in Scotland or elsewhere abroad, you are setting them up for success later in life. Children who have the opportunity to travel gain a more thorough understanding of how the world operates, and are set up better for real world challenges later on.


5. Pure Fun


It’s great to think of travel soccer as an investment in your child’s future, and it certainly can be. But it’s also a really great time for team members to play the sport they love while bonding with their teammates and seeing a foreign country. When your kids aren’t studying, practicing, or playing, they will likely be exploring their surroundings in a safe and structured way - interacting with the cultural elements of the place they are traveling. Travel soccer is a fun way for your child to branch out and explore the world!