Deutschland Bound? German Soccer Traditions To Know

Germany’s wildly successful soccer record in recent years may be motivating you to take an international soccer vacation. But before you set off to this culturally rich country, there are some traditions you should know. By sticking with these customs, you can blend right in with the German fans while you cheer on your favorite team.

Street Cheering: Before the games, Germans take to the streets to get pumped up for an exciting match. You will likely see a similar spectacle after a big win.

Face Paint And Costumes: You might see American fans sporting their favorite team’s jersey, but Germans take this a step further. Grab your face paint, hats, colored wigs, scarves, and other garb. It’s time to look like a walking German flag.

Celebrations: Happiness after a victory is more than just applause at the end of the game. Some of these celebrations extend into the evening, where fans party all night long.

Outdoor Viewings: Some cities in Germany will close down entire areas of the city to show a game. You might find TVs in different areas where fans can enjoy the game and celebrate.

Flags: Especially during the World Cup and other significant soccer events, you will see German flags everywhere. Citizens sport them around their shoulders, on their cars, and in front of their homes. Sport is a significant source of national pride.

Devotion: Above all, German fans are fiercely loyal to their favorite teams. Soccer in Germany is a bonding tradition that runs deep through the country. Full families have followed the same teams for generations and likely will for years to come.

Whether arriving with a team or with friends, traveling to Europe to watch soccer is a culturally enriching experience. Sports Travel Magazine found that 27% of all trips in 2012 were to attend a sporting event, and that increases to 90% when you factor in trips involving sports in some way. You will see the sport that you love in a whole new light when you incorporate it into your travels, immersing yourself in German soccer fanship at the same time.