UK Elite Soccer Partners with People to People International

U.K. Elite Soccer is excited to announce an innovative new partnership with People to People International, a longtime leader in educational and cultural student travel.

Founded by U.S. President Eisenhower, People to People International was established more than 60 years ago and has facilitated the global travel of more than 500,000 people to date. People to People International connects student travelers to new cultures and friendships, by introducing them to life-changing, exceptional worldwide experiences that expand their minds, whilst also making clear the value of understanding each other’s cultural differences.

Since 1992, U.K. Elite Soccer has been the leader in educating youth through sport. We extended the concept of understanding global differences when we formed Global Team Travel in 2005 to facilitate international travel to play, compete and experience new cultures.

People to People International offers an even wider view of the world through music, the arts, history and more - from dining in a family home in Japan to meeting a former Member of Parliament in London, their travel programs really will give you the skills needed to become global citizens and build a competitive edge for academic success.

While Global Team Travel continues to provide the very best in sports travel, we are incredibly supportive of youngsters and families traveling for all purposes, which makes our alliance with People to People International a perfect fit.

As our carefully selected partner, we have approved for them to reach out to you with an invitation to attend a local meeting in your area to learn more about People to People International student travel programs. Hopefully, you will find the information interesting and who knows, ultimately find yourselves on a South African safari or European adventure!

Happy and safe travels,
Mick Smoothey
CEO, U.K. Elite Soccer and Global Team Travel