Travel the World While Playing Soccer With Soccer Tours

All around the world, about 25 million kids play soccer (more commonly known as “football” outside the United States) every year. If your child plays soccer, looking into soccer tours and tournaments can be a great way to let them play the sport they love, travel, and meet children from all around the world. Places like Brazil, Costa Rica, Portugal, Sweden, and England, for example, have thriving soccer clubs and many children grow up kicking around a soccer ball. Indeed, towns with under 200 people in them in Costa Rica and Guatemala have soccer fields and Sweden has over 240,000 licensed soccer players (over 55,000 of them are women). If you want to get your child more involved, find out the benefits of doing a soccer tour and how you can sign up for one!

Why Do a Soccer Tour?

It can be great to get out of your comfort zone or what you’re familiar with, and letting your child experience a new culture playing the game he or she loves is a perfect way to do so. There’s also a buffer of being with other teammates and friends who are from the same country and around the same age, but your child will certainly get the opportunity to meet other children from their host country.

They may get to work with professionals or coaches from that country as well and learn how different countries play soccer and what soccer culture is like in that country. Plus, they’ll have serious bragging rights when they come home — who doesn’t want to be able to say that they played soccer in Brazil or Costa Rica on a tour?

A soccer tour is also an excellent way to travel. With most soccer tours, it won’t just be all soccer — there will be time to sightsee and experience some of the country that you’re in. It may open future doors for them and they might discover a love of travel and exploration that will stay with them for the rest of their life.

Your child will also form close bonds with his or her teammates and stay active during the tour. Maintaining physical health and promoting activity is another great result of doing a soccer tour.

What Can I Expect On a Soccer Tour?

With Global Team Travel, we provide pre-tour planning for your customized tour — there are no “standard” tours with us! Everything from quality hotels, meal packages, bus services, and tour guides will be arranged for you. Not only will there be plenty of soccer, as well as quality training sessions, hand-picked games, and tournaments, there will also be plenty of culture included on the trip.

We’ll suggest cultural experiences and sightseeing tours that will be unforgettable, whether you’re in Brazil, England, or Italy. It will be a packed schedule, but with plenty of room for fun built in. We offer competitive pricing and the option to include trip protection and insurance in your trip costs, for extra security.

How Do I Get My Kid Involved in a Soccer Tour?

If your child plays soccer either through school or privately, they may already have connections to companies that organize soccer tours or know ways to get involved. If no such connections exist in your area, check online to see what soccer camps or private institutions might be funding or organizing an international soccer tour that your child can partake in. Most have very extensive websites where you can find out more information easily. We’re happy to help you get involved with a soccer tour!

Let your child discover Brazil, Spain, or Germany through their favorite sport. It’s sure to be an experience that they’ll never forget — and may want to repeat again and again!