Want to Play Soccer In Spain? Think Fast, and Register for the Donosti Cup

How many chances in a lifetime will you have to play soccer in Spain, home to world famous teams like Real Madrid and FC Barcelona? Not many, we’re afraid. And if you want to grasp the opportunity while you can, you have to act quickly.

Did you know that 27% of all trips taken in 2012 were to attend a sporting event? If you include trips that included at least one sports-related activity like golf or surfing, that number climbs to 90%.

And while there are a number of soccer tournaments all over the world, they aren’t usually very easy to book. In addition to booking the tournament, you’ll have to find accommodations, arrange flights, and account for free time as well.

That’s why Global Team Events arranges soccer tours and tournaments all over the world: so teams, coaches, parents, and fans have the opportunity to experience international soccer and foreign cultures as well, with an all-inclusive, convenient arrangement.

And from July 2-8, 2017, the Donosti Cup will be held in San Sebastian, Spain. If you make a quick decision, your team may be included in the tournament roster.

Last year, Global Team Events brought a number of players to the Donosti Cup for the chance to compete against more than 500 teams hailing from 26 countries from the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.

In addition to this once-in-a-lifetime soccer tournament, participants are able to soak in the beauty of Spain’s Basque Coast. This old-world region of the country is rich in history, incredible food, and beautiful beaches within walking distance of major hotels. Throughout the duration of the Donosti Cup, there are prearranged activities and attractions arranged by the tournament committee, as well as opportunities to visit other cities and stadiums, arranged by our own soccer tour specialists.

Some of the highlights of the trip include a Spanish tour guide to accompany your group to all destinations and give you a local’s perspective, access to La Consha Bay and surfing at Zarrautz beach, a trip to Biarritz in southern France, a trip to the Guggenheim in Bilbao, as well as other excursions that have yet to be planned.

If you’re quick and contact one of our travel arrangers soon, you’ll be well prepared and able to schedule additional events while you’re abroad.

Why miss the chance to play soccer in Spain? Get in touch with Global Team Events today!