A Soccer Tour To The Dana Cup Could Change Your Child’s Life

The first ever World Cup was played in 1930, and ever since, it has been a worldwide phenomenon. Every young soccer player has fantasized about playing in the World Cup, no matter how fleeting the fantasy might be. The truth is, in order to achieve this dream, young athletes need to take an active role in developing their skills, cultivating relationships in the international soccer community, and immersing themselves in the culture.

One way to accomplish all three goals is by taking an international soccer tour. One of the best places to do this is in Denmark.

Soccer in Denmark

Like most of Europe, and, in fact, the world, soccer in Denmark is glorified, competitive, and a way to relate to just about any stranger on the street. It is baked right into the cultural crust of the nation.

The Dana Cup

Aspiring young soccer stars would benefit greatly from a guided tour of Hjørring’s Dana Cup. The Dana Cup is one of Europe’s most welcoming festivals and features five nights of soccer and socialization. Here, young soccer enthusiasts and players from all over the world compete against one another within their own age bracket in at least four games for victory and pride.

Here, your kids will learn skills that extend far beyond soccer moves, although competing in another country will certainly sharpen their gameplay dramatically. Beyond soccer, they will get the unique opportunity to live in the folds of a foreign culture while meeting other like-minded international soccer players who are there for the exact same reason.

The exposition to foreign language, foods, and travel are enough to make the experience worthwhile. Add to that the chance to do what they love, visit aquariums and amusement parks, and participate in nightly dance parties, and you have a recipe for a deeply exhilarating and enriching vacation that your children will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

To actualize your dreams, you must be ready to go to the ends of the earth. As a parent, you must be ready to do the same for your children. If they have an earnest love for soccer, there’s no better place to take them in preparation for a driven and successful career in professional soccer.