European Soccer Culture is Unlike No Other

While soccer’s popularity has been on a steady rise in the United States, it has always, foremost, been Europe’s game. Contemporary soccer — or football, as the Europeans call it — was first created in England with the formation of the Football Association, the sport’s first governing body. Long before that, similar games were played during the Han Dynasty in Imperial China, as well as in Ancient Greece.

The game evolved over time, eventually becoming a tradition in European countries. From there, the sport was brought to many other countries of the world by European colonists and expats. It’s widespread reach has made it the world’s most popular sport by far. Nothing else even comes close.

Want To Have an Authentic Football Experience? Book a European Soccer Tour.

Many international soccer tournaments are held each year, and unsurprisingly, many take place in Europe. For American fans of all ages, European soccer tours are unique ways for soccer lovers to have unique cultural experiences. Not only can they appreciate the skill of the athletes themselves, but also enjoy the rich culture behind the sport’s facade.

Europe is home to a number of different professional soccer leagues, and the best players in the world compete for a coveted spot on European club teams. It’s the ultimate destination for soccer lovers the world over.

Where In Europe Can You Travel To See Soccer?

Soccer fans can travel to see soccer in England, the birthplace of association football. The original rules for the game were established at Cambridge University in 1848. Today, the English Premier League is the top of England’s football league system, and home to some of the strongest, more followed teams in the world.

Just over the English Channel lies the Netherlands, home to Ajax FC, and nearby North Rhine-Westphalia, the German state home to the German Football Museum and many Bundesliga (Federal League) teams to watch. A European soccer tour to Amsterdam and Germany would not only allow you to see the great teams that the countries host, but also the amazing canals, museums, architecture, and people that exist between the soccer pitches.

Italy’s Squadra Azzurra elicits energy like no other. Soccer, or calcio, is Italy’s most popular sport as well. Pickup games are often played in the streets, and professionals are viewed as national heroes. The soccer in Italy is great, but the food is incredible. A trip to see the sites and watch soccer in Italy would be the trip of a lifetime.

European soccer tours will expose the rich, diverse cultures that span the entire continent, and show just how important their sport is to them. Contact Global Team Events to speak with a representative, and see what cities are available to explore.