Scandinavian Exploration: See Denmark and Sweden on the Gothia Cup Tour

Travel soccer tours are an incredible way to watch soccer, bond with your team, and experience a unique cultural experience that comes with traveling to a foreign country.

Though Sweden isn’t a very large country, it is home to 45 national stadiums and some of the best soccer in the world.

The Gothia Cup is the largest international soccer tournament held exclusively for youth soccer players. Approximately 1,600 teams from 80 nations worldwide will travel to Gothenburg, Sweden to play soccer.

When you register your team for a travel soccer tour with Global Team Events, you can not only play in the Gothia Cup, but also see the sights and train with professionals.

From July 12 - 23, 2017, Global FC will take you on a tour to Scandinavia to visit the following places:


The tour doesn’t exclusively cover a trip to Sweden! It starts off with a trip to Denmark, where you will tour Parken Stadium, home of FC Copenhagen — the most successful club in the history of Danish soccer.


Just a short trip will take you across the border to Sweden, where you and your team will visit Malmo, which is home to the Malmo FF training complex that you’ll also get to visit. There, you and your team will train with professionals as well as attend seminars to prepare them for the tournament to come.

There will be preparatory games scheduled against local opposition, so your team can learn what kind of teams they will face once they arrive in Gothenburg.

Before the tournament, your team will have the chance to explore both Malmo and Gothenburg. The Turning Torso is one of Malmo’s most iconic structures — a residential skyscraper that looks to be twisted. It is also the tallest building in Scandinavia.

You’ll also see Malmo Castle, a fortress built by the Danes in the 16th century. A trip to Kungsparken is also on the agenda — a huge park in the center city — the Malmo equivalent to Central Park.


A three hour trip will take your team to your final destination: Gothenburg. Parks, museums, and gardens will keep you occupied in the city until the time comes for the tournament, which will take place during the final three days of the tour.

Soccer players, coaches, and parents alike will not want to miss out on this opportunity of a lifetime. In order to sign your team up for this tour, or learn more, pre-register or contact one of our representatives today.