3 Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in Travel Sports

Getting children involved in sports early on in their lives has innumerable benefits, but when considering teams to join, make travel teams a priority. Not only will your child receive the great benefits of exercise from participating, but they will also enjoy the benefits of travel and being a part of a team. These will not only serve well for their levels of fitness and development, but studies also show that children who travel often are better candidates for college as well as careers later on in life. Check out a few reasons you should be seriously considering a travel team.


Let’s start with the most obvious reason to get your child involved in sports: fitness! Getting your kids active while they’re still young can instill great habits that they will carry into the rest of their life. Kids should be getting about an hour of exercise in every single day. In addition, the CDC says that they should be involved in bone strengthening exercises like jumping rope, playing soccer, and/or running. Despite these suggestions, however, only one in every four children in America get their 60 minutes of exercise in. Putting them on a team will not only help them get physical activity in, but it will make them enjoy it!

Team Building

Bring a part of team can help your child in a lot of ways. It can especially help in their personal and social development. Being around other children their age and having a common goal can teach your child the basics of helping others and being selfless, as well as how to talk and act with their peers.


Your child could be playing soccer in Sweden, across America, or even throughout Costa Rica, England, and Denmark. Soccer in Sweden and England is incredibly popular, and being able to see what an impact it has on culture in those countries could be huge for your child. It will help them to realize that there is more throughout the world than just their hometown. Additionally, they will be exposed to other languages and cultures in a firsthand way. There are not many other programs that can make that claim.

Are you thinking about getting your child involved in a travel sports team? What do you think is the best benefit of their involvement? We would love to hear your thoughts!