Why All Youth Soccer Organizations Should Host Their Own Travel Soccer Tournament

If you work for or participate in a travel soccer organization, odds are you’ve been to your fair share of tournaments. Youth soccer tournaments provide a great opportunity for player and team development, and they give the players on a team a chance to bond and build better relationships. With over 8,200 youth soccer clubs in the United States alone, there are plenty of teams in all parts of the country looking for opportunities like this to improve their level of play. So why not host your own tournament? There are many advantages to hosting soccer travel tours, including:

  1. Fundraising - For teams or organizations that are in need of extra funds, hosting a soccer tournament is a great option. The many costs of running a soccer organization can add up after a while, leaving little wiggle room for new equipment or field usage fees. By hosting a tournament, organizations can earn extra revenue to pay for the necessary equipment and field space so that teams within the organization can continue to make the most of their practices. A fundraising tourney can also help teams save up enough money to travel to another tournament in the future.
  2. Recognition - Another great reason for hosting soccer travel tours is that they can help make an organization better known throughout the travel soccer community. Planning a soccer event takes a lot of time, energy and thoughtful organization, and the actual event itself takes many hardworking volunteers and overseers. Other teams greatly appreciate those organizations who host tournaments, and most teams are likely to continue to participate in that organization’s future events if the tournament is a success. Hosting a tournament can bring respect and recognition to even the smallest soccer organizations.
  3. Development - Putting on a travel tournament not only helps a soccer organization and all of the teams within it, but also benefits the local community. Tourneys that take place over a whole weekend can bring attention to a small city or town, and it can help boost its economy. Teams coming from out of town will need a place to stay for the weekend, as well as meals throughout the weekend. This helps both local hotels and restaurants, and it gives the community hosting the event a chance to show off all of their great attributes.

Whether a youth soccer organization wants to raise funds, build recognition or help out the local community, planning and hosting soccer travel tours are a great way to accomplish each of these goals while providing players the chance to further develop their soccer skills, which is important for the over 7 million children that play on their high school team in the U.S. While it takes a lot of time and hard work, a successful tournament can really pay off for everyone involved. Read more about how Global Team Tournaments can help with your next soccer tournament.