Looking For the Ultimate Soccer Experience? A Soccer Tour to Spain is the Way to Go

Soccer Tours to SpainAround the world, soccer is a sport that is deeply embedded in the cultures of many different countries. Although it doesn’t hold the same weight here in the United States, soccer is gaining quite a bit of popularity, and many more young American athletes are aspiring to be professional soccer players. Next summer there will be over 45 international friendlies played in the U.S., giving soccer fans here a chance to see some of the best teams from around the world on their own turf. While it is great for American soccer fans and players to have this type of soccer experience at home, participating in international soccer tours is an excellent way to be truly immersed in the sport. One of the most popular destinations for travel soccer tours with some of the richest soccer history is Spain. Some of the greatest benefits of Spain soccer tours include:

  1. Learning About a New Culture - Located just on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, Spain is a country with a unique culture that differs very much from our own. From its beautiful architecture to the famous artists it has produced over the years, Spain is a vibrant country filled with opportunities to explore and learn about its rich and fascinating history. While playing and watching soccer is a major component of Spain soccer tours, experiencing the unique and diverse culture represented by different communities throughout Spain is a definite bonus.
  2. Getting the Ultimate Fan Experience - Just about every European country has a professional club league in which teams from across the country compete for the league championship title. Spain has one of the longest standing leagues with some of the most highly regarded clubs in the world. In Madrid, participants have the opportunity to visit the stadium of Real Madrid, Spain’s winningest soccer club, as well as the City of Futbol sports complex where Spain’s national team practices. A visit to the stadium of another favorite football club, Barcelona FC, is just a short train ride away.
  3. Learning From the Best Coaches - There are over 8,200 youth soccer clubs in the U.S., all of whom can benefit from a training session with an international soccer coach on their own unique custom soccer tours in Spain. Spain soccer tours give young teams a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to receive coaching from a local professional coach. This invaluable experience can help these players as they tour the country playing other teams in friendly matches.

A soccer tour to Spain provides players and fans from the U.S. a unique opportunity to experience life in a country that is completed immersed in soccer culture. With some of the best club teams and most dedicated fans, Spain is the ideal destination for those who are looking for the ultimate international soccer experience.

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Check out the Spain, Donosti Cup, San Sebastian next July 5-12, 2015 (7 nights)