What Soccer Tours to Costa Rica Can Offer Young Athletes

There are numerous reasons to foster a love for athletics among young adults, whether or not they go on to play sports at a higher level. It encourages an active lifestyle, something that’s vitally important given that currently only one in every four children gets the recommended hour or more of exercise per day; soccer players run an average of 6 miles every single game. It is an important social experience; one study done by the Women’s Sports Foundation found that 75% of boys and 69% of girls had taken part in organized sports in the prior year. It even helps youth perform better in other areas of their lives; female high school athletes are a full three times as likely to graduate than their non-athlete peers.

If you’re looking at how to encourage a love of sports and improve a young team’s skills, one of the best options available is sports travel. Consider what young athletes can get from soccer tours to Costa Rica, for example:

  1. Cross-Cultural Interaction
    Traveling is always a unique cultural experience that helps young people mature into well-rounded, well-informed, and empathetic adults. On our Costa Rica soccer tours, young players will get the chance to face off in three friendly games versus some local talent, getting a taste of the famed Latin American love for soccer.
  2. Top-Level Training
    The Costa Rican Football Federation is the official governing body of organized soccer in the country, also overseeing the Costa Rican national team. As part of tours, athletes will have the chance to be coached by quality staff from this respected organization.
  3. Plenty of Fun
    Of course, Costa Rica soccer tours aren’t only about soccer. Costa Rica is a rugged country known for its stunning beaches and breathtaking rainforest, both of which provide numerous recreational options. Young athletes will love the thrill of white water rafting or zip lining through the jungle.

Tours are available for school, club, college, and recreational teams. Do you think Costa Rica soccer tours are right for your team? Let us know!