Play Soccer in Denmark and Learn About the City of Copenhagen

Typically, when people think of Denmark, soccer doesn’t immediately come to mind. But in reality, soccer is considered the national sport of Denmark. Called “Football,” this sport is the most commonly played and there are nearly 300,000 players in 1,614 clubs all across the country.

Denmark soccer tours are great for any person, young and old, to learn about soccer in this Scandinavian country. Globally, 25 million kids and 240 adults kids play soccer every year, so wherever you go, it’ll be easy to find soccer events and soccer fans in the country’s culture.

Any of the Denmark soccer tours are going to visit Copenhagen, the country’s beautiful capital city. Here are some things you can expect to see there during your trip.

Parken Stadium

This is the home stadium of the Danish National Football Team. Nicknamed the Danish Dynamite, come here to see the team led by captain Daniel Agger run up to six miles up and down the field, the average for any professional soccer player. When playing on their home field, this team will be decked out in red and white, making them very hard to miss.

The Little Mermaid 

Everyone has seen the animated Disney movie about the red-haired princess living under the sea. Turns out a little bronze statute designed by sculptor Edvard Eriksen inspired her. She may be small, but she is mighty and must not be missed.

Amalienborg Palace

This palace is the official winter residence of the Queen of Denmark. You can tour the palace and see gleaming chandeliers and colorful tapestries, or you can stand in the square and watch the Danish changing of the guards. They march right into the crowd, so you may be able to take a selfie!

Tivoli Gardens

No soccer tour is complete without a little fun. After the long day of touring, head to this amusement park that has been in business since the 19th century. It is filled with (modern) rides galore, and Walt Disney himself even modeled the Walt Disney World parks around this enclosure!

The best way to learn more about soccer is to get out of the U.S. and experience it from another cultural viewpoint. Global Team Events are the perfect way to do so, so call and book your package of a lifetime today!