Escape the Cold This Winter With an Exotic Soccer Tour to Brazil

Wintertime is once again upon us, and for most of us in the U.S. that means cold and snowy weather for the next the next four months. For many of the 8,200 youth soccer clubs across the country, it also means moving their soccer practices, games and soccer tournaments indoors. While indoor turf fields allow these teams to continue practicing throughout the cold winter season, it doesn’t quite compare to kicking a ball around the warm sunny outdoors. For teams that are already counting down the days until spring, an exotic retreat to a warm, soccer-loving country could be the boost they need to make it through the rest of the season. Soccer travel tours to Brazil give teams the ultimate soccer getaway. There are a number of factors that make Brazil a great destination for a soccer tour, including:

1. Short Time Difference - One of the greatest advantages of a Brazil soccer tour is that there is a much smaller time difference between the U.S. and Brazil than between the U.S. and Europe. With four different time zones, Brazil is only ahead three hours at most depending on where travelers are coming from in the U.S. With such a small time difference, teams need less time to adjust and get more time to enjoy the country. Whether they have a day trip or soccer tournament planned the next day, players will be awake and ready to go when they need to be.

2. Opportunities to Explore - Brazil is a country rich in culture and surrounded by vast rain forests, mountains and miles of amazing beaches. When teams aren’t playing soccer they are able to learn about the history and culture of this beautiful country, as well as explore the countless attractions Brazil has to offer. From the beaches of Rio de Janeiro to a hike through the great Amazon rainforest, there is no end to the list of possibilities for those interested in exploring.

3. Ultimate Soccer Experience - Brazil has the reputation of having one of the most soccer-rich cultures in the world, making it the ultimate destination for die-hard fans and players. Having won the World Cup five times, Brazil is one of the most dominant countries in the soccer world. The country’s passion for the sport is deeply rooted in the culture, with even the smallest towns having soccer fields for residents to play on. Soccer tours to Brazil give teams the chance to learn from the best and compete in some of the most challenging international soccer tournaments of their lives.

Instead of running around a turf field all winter, young teams could be playing in outdoor soccer tournaments in warm, sunny Brazil. Soccer tours to Brazil give teams the chance to explore a unique culture and landscape, learn from the best coaches and, of course, escape the cold and snow that takes over the U.S. this time of year.

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