About Tournaments

As coaches we have spent countless hours at soccer tournaments and our frustrations are most likely mirrored by your own experiences. It’s that crucial first hand knowledge which has helped Global Team Tournaments to shape the most complete model in the world.

Simply put we go above and beyond to provide a tournament experience that benefits coaches, players and their supporters. Every tournament is planned in detail to ensure The Global Team Tournament Experience is positive and memorable.



The Global Team Tournament Experience, what to expect!


Site selection for a host tournament is a key ingredient, only the best turf and grass facilities are utilized. One large site is the preferred option so travel between games is minimized.


A sensible approach towards scheduling allows for a compact game structure. Consideration is given to coaches so that team organization and recovery between games is maximized.


A comprehensive network of experienced officials is consistent highlight. We know that every tournament should be remembered for the complete experience and quality officials are a key component.


Friendly tournament staff will assist you and your team with everything from parking to onsite logistics. The atmosphere will be competitive, friendly and organized. Parents can relax whilst players excel and coaches can sleep easy knowing they have chosen the right tournament for their team.

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Testimonials Headline

Our team a great time at the Global Team Travel Trophy. From the minute we arrived everything seemed to run very smoothly and without a doubt the facilities made it a great experience for the players. I would recommend any tournament hosted by Global Team Events.

- Jason Haviland, Bridgewater Arsenal Boys