Global Team Travel Trophy Boys

Classic 1 and 2 Day | Lawrenceville, New Jersey | July 19 - 20, 2014 | U8 - U15

The 3rd Annual Global Team Travel  Trophy will take place on the beautiful fields of the Lawrenceville School, NJ. Top level club teams are being invited to this event and this will be an exceptional opportunity for an early summer competitive tournament playing against teams from several states. Boys Teams will play the weekend of July 19- 20, 2014

Tournament Contact:

Tournament Director
Robert Glancy

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Tournament Details

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  • Dates:
    July 19-20 2014

    U8-U11 $425 (small sided)

    U11-U16 $550 (full sided)

    Lawrenceville School, Lawrenceville, NJ

    Hosted By:

    Global Team Events

    Application Deadline:
    July 4th 2014

    Three game minimum for all teams
    Participation awards for small sided teams, 1st and 2nd place awards for full sided teams





    All Fields:

    • No Parking on grass, unless clearly designated as a parking area. Follow parking patterns at all times.
    • Obey speed limits. Tickets will be issued.
      • Pick up your trash. Soccer fields should be treated as hallowed ground.
      • No pets, No smoking, No alcohol. Just soccer.



    In the event of an injury contact your field marshal or the tournament control center.

    Abusive Behavior:

    While at the fields, any coach, parent, team official, player or spectator threatening violence or verbal abuse to any individual will immediately be ejected from the tournament and the team may be ejected from the tournament. This type of behavior is not acceptable at this event and will not be tolerated.






    1.         General Rules of the Game

    a/      All tournament games shall be played under the laws set forth by F.I.F.A., except as modified by these rules.

    b/      US Soccer rules requiring the exclusive use of US Soccer registered referees shall be strictly enforced.


    2.                   Registration and Eligibility

    a/    Tournament headquarters for the direction of all administrative matters is Global Team Events , 210 Malapardis Road, Suite 201, Cedar Knolls, NJ, 07927. 973-631-9802. Contact person is Ewan Robson, 973-255-9549.

    b/   All teams must register at least one full hour before their first game at the Field Headquarters at the site of their first game. (Should there be a pre-Registration available, team managers will be advised by email communications; usually there will not.)

    c/    At initial registration each team shall provide a photocopy of the official team roster. The roster must include a uniform number for each rostered, guest or loan player, which must remain constant for the entire tournament. If circumstances require a change in uniform number for any game, that change must be reported in advance to the officials on-site.

    d/   At Check-in, one hour prior to game time, a team representative must present and have available the properly certified roster for the team for that weekend (specifically indicating which players are participating that day), player passes with photo IDs for each participating player and an Authorization for Medical Treatment form (commonly referred to as a Medical Release) executed for each player. The Authorization should ideally be notarized (although not mandatory if not required by the governing body) and must have been executed within the last twelve months. Any teams requiring permission to travel should have the necessary forms from their state and have it present at registration. Information will be presented to the registration desk at the site.

    e/   All players must be registered youth soccer players in good standing with an appropriate governing body.  Players must be on a team’s official roster or be an approved loan player / guest player duly registered.

    f/    The Gameday Roster must be submitted containing no more than twenty four (24) players who will be deemed eligible to play for the team on that date, including rostered players and guests.  Each team will be allowed up to 5 guest players from outside teams.  The 24 listed players, rostered and guest, can vary from day to day.

    g/    Up to twenty (20) players may be in uniform and present on the team’s sideline technical area for any single game at the event. The twenty players eligible to participate in any given game can vary from game to game at the event, provided all the players used are listed on the roster submitted at registration. Any player ineligible for a given game may not be in the vicinity of the team’s technical area if wearing a game jersey.

    h/   For small sided teams, no roster may have more than sixteen (16) players and may include up to 5 guest players.

    i/     All players on the same team, rostered or guest, must use Player Passes from the same governing body.

    j/     USA teams must present picture identification cards issued by the team’s Federation Organization member (USYS, AYSO, US Club, etc.).  Teams must provide proof of approval for participation from the team’s Federation Organization.  Teams from outside the State Association where the tournament is located must provide proof of permission to travel, if their governing body so requires.

    k/    Foreign teams must present a passport at registration or, if from a nation from which the United States does not require a passport, proof of entry into the United States in a form that is accepted by the United States.  Teams must present player picture identification cards. Teams must have a completed form from its Provincial or National Association approving the team’s participation in the tournament.

    l/     Players may ONLY play for ONE team for the entirety of the tournament.


    4.     Substitutions. 

    a/    FIFA rules are modified to allow unlimited substitution with the referee’s permission, at every stoppage in play (for example, throw-ins by either team, free kicks, corners, removal of injured player, etc.).  Free substitution is allowed for all age groups.

    b/   Players must be clearly standing and waiting AT THE MID-FIELD LINE to be substituted (and not merely waiting “in the vicinity of mid-field”), and the referee’s assistant should be alerted, to the extent possible, of the request to substitute at the next stoppage of play.

    c/    Players standing at midfield should be substituted into the game at the next stoppage of play, unless they remove themselves from the mid-field position prior to the stoppage of play.


    5.     Game Duration & Ball Size

    a/    Games lengths, to the extent that weather and schedule permit:

    1.      25 minute halves for U11 and younger

    2.      30 Minute halves for U12 through U14

    3.      30 minute halves for U15 and older

    b/   Size 5 balls shall be used for ages U13 and older, size 4 balls shall be used for ages U12 and younger.

    c/    Tournament play balls will be provided by the Tournament, and will be in the custody of the game officials assigned to the field for each game.

    d/   U10 and younger teams will play small-sided games with eight (8) players on the field.

    6. Bracket Format

    a/ Teams will be entered into bracket based upon their ability and preferred level of competition request.

    b/ Teams playing in a bracket of three will play each other team once and then progress to either a 3rd place playoff or semifinals and a final.

    c/ Teams playing a bracket of four or five will play in a league format, playing each team once, winner being the team with the most points after all games are completed.

    d/ Teams playing a bracket of six will play similar to a bracket of three, two brackets of three will be created, teams will play each other team once and then progress to either a 3rd place playoff or semifinals and a final.

    e/ Teams in a bracket of seven or more will play a minimum of  three games, with the possibility of playoffs.

    7.   Forfeit

    a/    A five minute grace period will be allowed from scheduled kickoff time.  Teams must be present and ready to play at the scheduled time or forfeit the game.  Nonetheless, Tournament officials will have the option to shorten, reschedule or otherwise create such circumstances as will allow a game to be played on the field rather than be won by forfeit.

    b/   A minimum of seven players constitutes a team.

    c/    A forfeit will be recorded as a two to zero result.

    d/   The Tournament Committee will review abandoned games on a case-by-case basis.

    e/   The determination of the Tournament Committee is final.


    8.           Inclement Weather

    a/    Prior to the morning of the event, Tournament officials will use all available means to post weather updates, including website updates, emails to team contacts and the use of a Weather Hotline phone number where applicable.

    b/   Unless clearly advised otherwise by a Tournament official, all teams and coaches must show up at the scheduled field and time regardless of weather conditions.  Failure to appear will result in a forfeit, which is scored as a two to zero loss, and may result in the rescheduling or loss of a team’s future games at the Tournament.

    c/    In the event of stoppage of play due to severe weather conditions, a single team representative is required to report to the Headquarters Station fifteen minutes after stoppage has occurred, at which time the remaining schedule may by resumed, cancelled, modified or any decision further postponed for another defined length, pending receipt of information to formulate a definitive resolution.

    d/   In the case of inclement weather, the Tournament Committee has the authority to change, cancel or reschedule any game and / or its format.

    e/   In the event of extreme weather conditions that dictate cancellation or modifications of the format that day, the Tournament Committee will determine what portion, if any, of the registration, referee and field fees are to be refunded.

    f/    The determination of the Committee is final.


    9.   Discipline

    a/    Coaches, players and spectators are required to conduct themselves within the Laws of the Game.

    b/   All disciplinary measures imposed by the Tournament Committee shall be limited to participation in the Showcase.

    c/    Notwithstanding section 8.b. above, cautions and ejections based on violent behavior, such as referee assault, will be referred to the appropriate governing body as required by such governing body’s rules and regulations.  A player or coach accumulating 2 yellow cards during tournament play will be suspended for one game.

    d/   Players, coaches or any team official ejected from any game shall be suspended for at least one additional game, as mandated by F.I.F.A.  Such players and coaches will not be with the team during the next match(es).  They can be on the opposite side of the field and watch the game as spectators.

    e/   Spectators ejected from the field must leave promptly, and failure to do so may result in forfeiture of the game in which their team is participating and / or resort to civil authorities.

    f/    Additional penalties may be imposed, as deemed fit and necessary by the Tournament Committee.


    10.  Standings and Championships

    a/    All game scores are recorded and will be posted on the website after the Tournament.

    b/   Game cards will be used by the referee to record game results and disciplinary actions. Field marshals will deliver game cards to the registration desk.

    c/    All age brackets will compete for championship awards. See section 6 (Brackets) for further information.

    d/  Semi‑Finals and Finals must have a result. If a tie at the end of regulation occurs. If score remains tied after normal time periods, proceed to standard FIFA-style penalty kick procedure. Only players on the field at the end of overtime will be allowed to take the penalty kicks.

    e/   Team standings are based on won-lost record, with the following tiebreakers to further determine placement:

    1/    Each win counts for three points, each tie for one point.

    2/    All games in the initial phase shall carry equal weight, both in-group games and cross-over games.

    3/    Forfeits are recorded as a 2-0 score.

    4/    In the event of tie, head-to-head is determinative, if applicable. Head-to-head shall only be utilized in the event of a two-way tie, and will no longer be utilized in the event of a tie among three or more teams.

    5/    In the further event of a tie, goal differential will be determinative, with up to plus-4 or minus-4 units awarded per game.

    6/    In the further event of a tie, accumulated goals scored, with a limit of 4 per game, shall determine placement.

    7/    In the further event of a tie, accumulated goals against shall determine placement. The team with the fewest goals allowed shall prevail.

    8/    Finally, teams will conduct a Penalty Kick Shootout. Should a team fail to show up for the scheduled shootout, the tiebreaker will be awarded to the team prepared to participate.

    a/    Each team will designate eleven players to take shots including one goalkeeper. Coin toss winner opts to kick first or last.

    b/   5 initial shots per team, in an ABABABABAB pattern, until a decisive result is reached.

    c/    If still tied, single alternating penalty kicks, in an AB pattern, until a decisive result is achieved.

    d/   Shootouts may be assigned to a designated area or field.

    9/ In the event of a tie where both teams will still advance, and only seeding or bracket placement is at stake, the Tournament Committee retains the option of resolving placement by coin toss. If a team fails to appear for a playoff game, the Tournament Committee has the option of replacing the team.

    10/ Some brackets may be decided on round-robin group play, without playoffs. In such instance, accumulated game points and tiebreakers will determine the first two places.


    11.        Communications

    a/    The official Tournament website is

    b/   Teams are responsible for accessing the website for schedules and other relevant information. Note that upon accessing a frequently updated webpage, individuals should click Refresh on their web Browsers to ensure that the information being accessed is the most current.

    c/    Teams should leave a cell phone number at the registration desk at the start of each weekend event, at check-in, as well as the name of their hotel if relevant, to assist in communications in the event of weather-related issues. The Team Contact’s cell phone must be in operation over the course of the event.

    d/   Tournament officials will attempt to update the website, send group or individual email messages, create a voice message Hotline, or leave messages at hotels and call cell phone numbers to provide necessary information, but are not responsible for any failure to reach any given team or its members, during the course of an event.


    12.      General Information

    a/    Only USSF registered Referees will be utilized, assigned by a USSF certified Assignor.

    b/   Coaches, players and their fans are expected to conduct themselves within the Spirit of the game.  In this regard the Tournament Committee reserves the right to take disciplinary action as necessary.

    c/    Under no circumstances will the Tournament Committee or staff be responsible for any part of any other expenses incurred by any team due to, but not limited to, part or whole cancellation of the Tournament due to circumstances beyond the Committee’s control (e.g., weather, facility operations, road closings, etc.).

    d/   The Tournament Committee reserves the right to decide on any/all matters and its interpretation of these rules shall be final.  No protests will be entertained.

    e/   All teams shall shake hands at the end of each game as a gesture of friendship and sportsmanship.

    f/    Referee decisions may not be protested or disputed.

    g/    In the event that the entire tournament is cancelled before the start of the event, teams will be entitled to a credit towards a future Global Team Tournament, or a 50% refund.

    h/    If a team chooses to withdraw from a tournament, in order receive a full refund teams must notify Tournament Director 30 days before the start of the tournament.

    i/      In case of inclement weather a partial refund / credit voucher towards next year event will be awarded. This will be based on a number of things (games played, Expenses incurred, etc). The determination of the Committee is final.


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