Hoboken City FC Skyline Turf Tournament

| Hoboken, NJ | March 17 - 18 2018 | Saturday U8 - U11/ Sunday U12 - U18

 Join us for the 2nd Annual Hoboken City FC Skyline Turf Tournament on the quality field of Sinatra Park, with the beautiful views of New York City in the background!







Stuart Sharples- stuarts@globalteamevents.com

Field Location: 

525 Sinatra Dr. Hoboken NJ 07030

Tournament Details

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  • Rules
  • Dates:

    March 17 - 18 2018

    U8-U11 Boys & Girls Saturday March 17th (Birth year 2010-2007)

    U12-U18 Boys & Girls Sunday March 18th (Birth year 2006-1999)


    U8 - U18 (7v7) - $575

    Field Location:

    525 Sinatra Dr. Hoboken NJ 07030

    Hosted By:

    Hoboken City FC

    Global Team Events


    3 game guarantee

  • Medical Waiver

    Hoboken City FC Skyline Turf Tournament US Club Sanctioning-APPROVED

  • Rules Download 17_18


    The Tournament Committee or the host club will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by any team, club or individual if the tournament is cancelled in whole or in part.

    Every effort will be made to play the tournament in full. However, should unforeseen circumstances cause partial cancellation we may offer a credit towards future Tournaments, upon the conclusion of this year’s event weekend.

    In the event the tournament is cancelled in whole, partial refunds will be made after Global Team Tournaments pays expenses incurred by the tournament.  There is no make-up or rain date planned for the tournament.

    The Tournament Committee’s interpretation of these rules shall be final and binding. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to decide on all matters pertaining to the tournament.

    Tournaments- First place awards will be presented to Winners in each division.

    Showcases- There will be no awards.

    Pets are prohibited unless they are service animals

    Grills are Prohibited

    Failure to follow parking instructions from signage, event staff or facility staff. Global Team Tournaments and/or the host club are not responsible for ticketing or towing.

    1. Laws of the Game

    All games will be played in accordance with FIFA and USYSA laws, except as specifically modified by these rules.

    1. Eligibility and Registration

    All participating teams must be currently registered with their State association. All non-US Club Soccer teams from outside Pennsylvania must have Permission to Travel forms authorized by their State association if required to do so.

    A State-stamped roster must be submitted by each team prior to registration.

    The team representative must present a player identification card for each participating player that has been approved by the teams Federation Organization Member (US Club, EPYSA, etc.) Failure to present these cards for any player will deny that player the permission to play.

    The team representative must present a notarized medical release form for each player.

    These documents must be provided via email in a PDF format, no later than 48 hours before the commencement of the tournament.

    All teams are responsible for their own insurance. In the case of injury during travel or while participating in the tournament, Global Team Tournaments or the hosting club will not be liable.

    1. Payment and Scheduling for the Tournament/ Showcase

    All teams are required to pay no later than 12 days before the commencement of the tournament. Failure to do so will result in your team’s application being declined and not considered for scheduling.

    The tournament committee will always aim to publish a preliminary schedule on or around 10 days before the commencement of the tournament/showcase.

    1. Withdrawal Policy

    Applied Teams Withdraw before Acceptance:

    Teams withdrawing from the event before acceptances are issued via e-mail will be issued a full tournament refund. The tournament is not responsible for any hotel or additional costs incurred by the team.

    Accepted Teams Withdraw after Acceptance:

    Teams withdrawing from the event after being accepted will not be refunded

    6.Cancellation Policy

    In the event of cancellation in its entirety, meaning no games played each day, refunds will be issued after all relevant expenses are covered.  If the event is cancelled in part, we offer a credit towards future Tournaments, upon the conclusion of this year’s event weekend.



    Regular FIFA rules apply if not modified below.

    The tournament will be played in groups with each team playing three games.

    3 points will be awarded for a win and 1 point for a draw. In the event teams are tied on points

    goal difference will decide the bracket champion.


    • 35 minute games (no half time).
    • There are no offsides.
    • Players are allowed to pass back to their keeper but the keeper must then play the ball with their feet.
    • Keepers are not allowed to punt the ball, U10 and above.
    • Kick ins not throw ins from the sidelines, opponents must be 5 yards back.
    • Players must stand at least 5 yards back when defending free-kicks and corners.
    • Substitutions can be made on any stoppage of play for either team as long as the referee has been informed and is in agreement.
    • No slide tackling, free kick awarded to opposing team.
    • A player issued a yellow card must be substituted.
    • A player issued a red card results in the team playing a player down for the rest of the game and the player may not play in any future game in the tournament.
    • Referees have the right to eject a coach from the field of play for continued disobediences or as a result of a situation which warrants a red card.



    The referee has the final say, if there is a complaint from a player, parent or coach send to tournament director